Ian & Jay

Ian Billen

Ian crossed over from a successful career as a Certified Technical Trainer (CTT), teaching a number of major computer networking certifications, to his lone true love in audio engineering and production. Relocating to Arizona to attend the prestigious Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS) in Tempe, he graduated from the school's Master Recording Program with an emphasis in music production. Immediately following, Ian ventured to the city of Los Angeles to work in the music industry. After amassing a large quantity of experience working and recording in various studios in the Los Angeles metropolitan area he reconnected with his long-time working collaborator, Jay White, in forming an audio production partnership now known as Album Production Works. The most recognizable of Ian's production specializations is his capacity to lend an "organically full" and matured sound quality to various recordings in numerous genres.

Jay White

Jay comes from a musical family, both from his Mother as well as his Father's side. At age 9 he began playing alto saxophone. Later on while hanging around his older cousin who owned a recording studio, he would quietly watch the going-ons and work processes and often sneak onto the equipment when his cousin was not around. It was here that he learned the art of multi-tracking and digital music composition.

Jay's personal website: humanaAlbatross.com